In this article, i will tell you that what is blog, blogging and blogger ? All of these terms are related to each other. This article will be useful for the newbies that want to know about these important terms as they are mostly used by every internet user.

First of all we talk about the blog. What is blog ?

Actually blog is a place or like a diary where you can share your thoughts,views or information to others. 
So the questions will be in your mind that why there is need of creating blog ? There are some reasons behind this fact, as some want to earn some bucks they do it for money, some want to become popularity,some do this for passion and some for other  purposes.

The way by which you are sharing thoughts or procedure by which you are sharing your ideas using blog services is called as blogging ans the persons that blogs something is called as blogger.

Some blog services are free and some blog services need to pay for hosting, so it's on user choice which option he wants to select. Free or premium ?

I hope you now have little concept about these terms i mentioned above, let me know about your conclusion on this article by leaving comments below.

Happy Blogging !!!