While applying many of the publishers that applies for the Google Adsesnse didn't view the main policies of this program and after getting approved.They break the rules and policies of the Adsense program and they can't know the adsense policies, so in this article i am telling you the main Adsense policies that every blogger who wants to apply for this program must follow them.


As we all of know that content is main thing before applying for adsense. So your website or blog does not contain content related to porn or gambling or any other illegal content. Many advertiser doesn't like this and you make sure that your blog has unique content and decent design that attract the advertisers attention.

 Modification In Coding

When you have successfully approved Google gives you the specific code that you have to put on your  own blog and after that it starts that appearing ads to your blog or website. Google teams doesn't like to change the coding provided by them to the publishers. If someone is found doing this he will be banned from the Google Adsense.

Incentive Click

When you have successfully added Adsense in your blog then leave it and focus on your blog. Never ask the readers or any other person to click on that. Although we want to earn more money and cheat with the Google,But you can't know that how much clever is Google than you.

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