Almost every blogger want to get more visitor to his blog and want to rank his site or blog higher, so for this he need some SEO tactics that i will tell you in this post and they can help you to improve your rank,make your template seo friendly and also boosts your traffic.

To make your blog, search engine optimized and boost the traffic apply the tips that are given below for best results.

Add meta tag description to the blog for better optimization as it will show the visitors when they search from Search engines that what content is described in this site or blog. Also with that you also you have to add the keywords that you want for blogger and when the visitors on search engine, so that they will find your blog.

Another one is that replace all the h3 tags with that of h2 for boosting traffic to your blog.

Get or Read the whole article here that i created in Google Docs, Hope this helps you and if you have any question related to this topic or article, then don't worry, feel free to ask by leaving comments.

  1. Arsie 10 January 2013 at 19:49  

    Well, for me and I think most bloggers now don't take meta tags into consideration now as part of SEO but yes meta description is important. Your keywords should appear on your title, url, and meta description. Also it should appear on your content.

  2. Acid Cloud 11 January 2013 at 05:05  

    Some interesting and well researched information on photos. I'll put a link to this site on my blog. Thank you!