In my previous articles i talked about Google Adsense and Google Adsense policies and today in this article, will tell you how you can get your adsense account approved fast by Google Team. After reading the previous articles about Adsense, i think now you have got some idea about this program and want to approved this account fast. Here are the tips that let help you to get adsense approved fast.

Tips For Fast Adsense Approval 

  • Create a blog on blogger (If don't know how see this article)
  • Buy a domain name from Google team as it will cost you about the $10 per year and are better chances for getting visitors.
  • Daily post articles and articles must be fresh and unique than others.
  • Catch as many visitors as you can for your blog (check this article for better idea)
  • Make your blog look clean and good looking, don't put too much links on blog.
  • Don't put affiliate banner in your blog, because Google doesn't like this.
  • Wait up to six months and after that apply for this program and when you are rejected make sure you have fulfill the requirements of program and after sometime again reply for that.
So these were the useful tips that i listed above for you to get adsense approved fast by Google. If we have missed any tip or point, then tell us in comments and let us know your support by sharing this article with others.

Happy Blogging !!!

  1. Rohit saini 13 January 2013 at 04:48  

    nice post but it is to costly for accepting a google account i think if you have googd article and blog age is 6 month or above you might be easily get adsense account....

    complete and clearly tutorial